My Mister: The Korean Drama That Will Make You Cry

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I never cry while watching KDramas, but My Mister was an exception. If you’re looking for a heart-wrenching drama to watch on Netflix, My Mister is a perfect choice. The story follows the lives of four people who are all struggling in their own way. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be completely invested in the characters by the time the finale rolls around.

main character  Ji An (IU) at the ending scene

My Mister is a well-crafted Korean drama that intertwines the lives of characters with heartbreaking stories. It explores themes of grief, loss, and hope as the trio finds comfort in one another. The show has well-developed characters that evoke empathy and understanding towards their struggles. It questions concepts of morality and justice through the characters’ actions. The dialogue is both witty and profound, complemented by warm cinematography. My Mister teaches us to cherish life, going beyond a simple story of people living their lives. This show truly makes you reflect on life’s preciousness—it’s more than just a story about people living life, it goes further by teaching us how to love it.

Sungkyun Lee and IU main characters standing together on the street scene


If you’re looking for a drama to truly tug at your heartstrings, My Mister is it. This incredible Kdrama not only have you laughing one moment and crying the next – (not to mention, it totally puts the moral struggles of adult life in perspective) – but its CTA ending leaves us with an unforgettable message: Life won’t always give us clear cut endings like dramas do, but that doesn’t mean we can still strive to keep living and continue creating happy memories together.

My Mister Trailer (English Sub.) : My Mister: The Korean Drama That Will Make You Cry

My Mister Trailer (English Sub.)

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